HTC Touch Diamond lands tomorrow on Verizon: $299.99 on contract

It seems the rumblings and rumors were true -- every last one of them. HTC's now-aged Touch Diamond is indeed hitting Verizon Wireless this month, bringing with it the same 2.76-inch touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera, TouchFLO interface and Windows Mobile 6.1 OS that we've seen ad nauseum on carriers around the world (though it does boast a microSD card slot). We're pretty baffled by the immensely large $299.99 on-contract sticker (after $70 mail-in rebate), and honestly, we just don't see VZW moving too many of these before a price drop. In fact, are you even giving this a second thought?

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Pooja said...

HTC Touch Diamond has a smart design and has all basic features. It has a 3.2 mp camera, image quality is satisfying. The battery life is average. The call quality is good. Performance-wise, its quite slow. It is very expensive. People who are crazy behind HTC should opt for this. HTC Touch Diamond has 256MB flash memory and 128MB RAM. For more details refer htc touch diamond review

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